17 & 18, 2016

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You already know that patient education is paramount in creating both a sustainable and profitable practice as well as truly making a change in the health and well-being of society.

Yet one obstacle after another creeps into the picture and the same strategies we used when we were young, enthusiastic, and idealistic that contributed to our success fall by the wayside.

Remember “The Health Care Class”? Many of you still may use this approach. It was designed to provide the fundamental understandings necessary for the new patient to make an educated and informed decision about care in our offices.

This approach was so successful that many DC's initiated a stipulation that called for prospective patients to attend the "class" before becoming patients.

For those with the strongest sense of desire and purpose, this was the approach that created patients that "got it" and stayed and referred.


when the rest of us tried to emulate this approach, we encountered one road block and then one excuse after another. The biggest one was fear that we'd lose the patient by creating what appeared to be a barrier to entry and, what we wound up producing were patients that didn't "get it" and didn't stay.

we tried putting the health class
AFTER the report of findings and found that no one was interested in attending or bringing a, ultimately, the health class was dropped.

A current solution to the problem by
eliminating the cause of the problem! Using today's technology, you can easily put your “health care class” on your website and when a new patient calls in handle it the way you always have - then provide an incentive to go to your site, watch the video, and check in.



Four DC's, each with expanding practices took the challenge and created the Pre-Care Video Program where they will provide their videos, their web-pages, their transcripts, their implementation guides, and more so you can see which of their approaches appeals most to you. Then, follow their instructions and you're done!

From a simple but mandatory in-person class to a full on TEDx Talk, we have FOUR different ways that YOU can get the necessary information to your prospective clients BEFORE they schedule their first appointment allowing each prospect to pre-qualify themselves  

These four DCs are my Mastery Coaching clients and they are ALL doing this successfully right now !

They've agreed to put their collective thoughts together so it's as turn-key for you as possible to produce your own PRE-CARE video.

Here's what you get:

1. Links to one sample PRE-CARE video from each

2. Their web page (so you can see how they set it up for new patients)

3. Their office implementation guides

4. Word for word transcripts 

5. Monthly Teleconference Implementation Call

The final release price will be $995.
We are pre-releasing it for the ridiculous price of
$295 with the following stipulations:

 1. Agree to use it

 2. Let us help you be successful with it

 3. Provide us with a written or video testimonial of your experience

You will have taken the first step to having a
Pre-Care Practice by leveraging your time by doing the work once and having it pay off for you - new patient after new patient!

Drs. Steve Hoffman, Chris Cox, Doug Swanson, Michael Vanella & Mark Olson

A lot has been written about trends and how we move in 80 year cycles: 40 years one way and then 40 years back. 


We've looked at Chiropractic in the 1930s and the 1970s to gain insight into chiropractic's trajectory today.


One thing that dramatically changed the profession and the public's perception (and utilization) of chiropractors in the 1930's was Dr. BJ Palmer traveling all over speaking to, speaking with, and speaking for chiropractors - to their their communities.



Dr. Steve Hoffman brings 30 years experience in the chiropractic field along with a substantial and practical business background. While his start as a wellness oriented chiropractor led to the development of one of the most successful family practices in the state of Michigan, what is perhaps most impressive is that he developed this practice at the end of the Jimmy Carter administration in a community devastated by double digit inflation and unemployment.

I have been serving practice members for over 15 years in a 100% cash and 95% referral based clinic. I have an office that allows me to have fun while helping lots of people create meaningful changes in their lives, helps my community think differently about their healthcare choices, and supports them in creating their vision for better health and well being. All of this while spending quality time with my kids, racing bikes, and traveling - making time for what matters most.

Dr. Doug Swanson shares his life with his amazing wife Elissa and their two little girls Elegance and Courtly.

He is a 2nd generation chiropractor  and to this day works along side his father at Winfield Chiropractic in Winfield, KS.  Dr. Doug has created a family focused wellness practice and is known as the kids chiropractor in his area.

Dr. Michael Vanella has used his 21 years experience as a chiropractor to create a subluxation based family practice.  He has been a Chiropractor of the Month on “On Purpose”.  Each morning, Dr. Vanella can be seen entering his office with a big smile on his face for two reasons:  1) He knows he is profoundly improving the health and well-being of his practice members lives and 2) he is living his life’s passion and purpose.  He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and their special dog, Milo.

Dr. Mark Olson graduated in 1986 from North Dakota State University with his degree in nursing.  In 1991, he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is now in his 25th year of practice.  Being able to practice functional chiropractic has allowed Dr. Olson to achieve a high level of success in helping his community obtain a higher level and awareness of where true health care comes from.  He is never afraid to share any of his knowledge or experiences for those who wish to learn.

This is what chiropractors are saying about Pre-Care Video


Spend more time with your family?

Create more health in your community?

Have more pre-qualified clients that ‘get’ you?

Work smarter to obtain pre-educated patients?

Become the go-to wellness physician in your area?

If you said YES to any or all of these then you are ready to implement the PreCare Video system into your practice.



In the 1970s, Riekeman, Flesia, Sigafoose, Reggie, and others burst onto the scene promoting patient education via the lay lecture. And, if you look closely, what they were ALL really doing was “pre-care” - again, attracting the public via the "chiropractic story" rather than simply relying on being an alternative approach to health problems.


Today and with today's technology, you have an even greater opportunity to provide a “pre-care” understanding to your patients and you can leverage your message and your time by doing it just once...if you do it right!


Before I get into details, I want you to quickly understand why this is so important for you. I want you to understand, beyond the obvious, what's in it for you.



Shangri-La is defined as any earthly paradise...a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world.


Shangri-La in practice is as YOU define it. For me, it was a new patient that understood how chiropractic could contribute to their life and their family's lives. They came in to get what we had to offer because they saw the importance in it.

They valued our time and our talent

They referred.

They paid.

They stayed the course.

In short, they not only made chiropractic part of their lifestyle but they became part of the chiropractic movement in our community.


What we found was that we boosted the QUANTITY of new patients through referrals while, at the same time, boosting the QUALITY of these new patients through informed consent in advance of care.


One practice reality for us was that instead of taking 3-4 visits to complete the new patient process (through the Report of Findings), we got it done in one day because they were pre-sold, pre-enrolled and pre-prepared to get started.

It was the first lay lecture.

Actually, it was more than that;

it was the first “pre-care” lecture.

The purpose was for the public to

make a decision about

chiropractic based on their

new understanding

of it rather than having the public

simply wait to develop a condition

that they thought we might

be able to help.

If you're like me, you're specifically marketing to young families, to provide them the absolute best care so they can live the chiropractic wellness lifestyle.

Like me, I'm sure you've also found that in this time of social media and 3-second attention spans you need an ingenious strategy to get through the noise. I truly believe that's called, Pre-Care or specifically a pre-care video, a way to  pre-educate and prequalify your prospective new practice members.

It's working better than I ever could've imagined. I no longer need to do a weekly spinal care class, wellness orientation workshop, or group doctors reports. Instead I've custom created my own video which explains everything I want a prospective practice member to know about chiropractic.

The best part, of course, is while they are being pre-educated I'm at home with my family. Even better is they get to watch it from the comfort of their own home after they get the kids in bed!

It's a win-win for everyone!

Dr. Doug Swanson

Prior to using Pre-Care orientations my practice was attracting a lot of pain relief only patients. Although many of these patients converted to wellness patients it wasn’t to the degree that I was satisfied with. Upon installing Pre Care orientation classes twice a week I noticed a complete transformation within the practice. I noticed I could instantly determine who was going to be a pain only patient and a wellness orientated patient. It has allowed me to rid my practice of difficult patients. I can truly choose those people who really understand the value of what I do and who really are seeking overall health and wellness. Since installing Pre-Care orientations I have been able to create the practice I want and live the lifestyle that I choose. Simply put, it is a game changer and one I will not ever discontinue.

Dr. Mark Olson

The PreCare Video has increased the value that my practice members place on the care that I deliver before they even step foot in the office.   They show up for their first appointment already understanding what I do, why I do it and how to get the best results possible.   The really great part of this is that it does not require me to be away from my family!!

Dr. Chris Cox

I was amazed at the results with Pre-Care video.  I first started implementing it with my existing patients at their progress exams.  The first patient I showed it to had chosen maintenance care (3x month), but after seeing the video he chose health development (weekly) care.  

With my new patients the Pre-Care video is like butter, it makes everything go easier.  Patients are already educated when they come in so the report of findings is quicker and I’m answering questions about what they learned.  

I had the hardest time getting patients to my new patient workshop.  Now at least 90% of my patients are educated.  

It’s simple to implement and the results are great.  

Dr. Mike Vanella

Only $295

as in Introductory Rate - Regularly $995

Only $295

as in Introductory Rate - Regularly $995




Only $295

as in Introductory Rate - Regularly $995




Dr. Steve Hoffman introduces